The company raised 4,2 MSEK from local business angels in a private funding round.

Dec 2021

Microsensor project (Swelife)

Chronic pain is the second biggest cost driver in the world in healthcare.
The aim of the project is to develop an innovative In Vivo sensor for identification and localization of deeply located musculoskeletal tissue anomalies (painsources) in patients with chronic pain.
Ultimately our goal is to measure and objectify pain.

Linköping University

A qualitative study in elite track and field published
Autumn 2020

Clinical expansion

Our clinical expansion requires more clinicians to strengthen our team and at the same time confirm clinical scalability.

Clinical scalability confirmed

In the end of 2021 we got all the proof for clinical scalability. Three different clinicians with different backgrounds were successfully educated and examined in the Doloradix method.
A system standing on a logic foundation is scalable.

Mårten has made unique and important observations during his near 20-year work with thousands of patients. His treatment method has been refined to such a level of precision that in a single month, he is able to treat and completely eliminate the type of pain-related problems that remain unresolved despite countless visits to physiotherapists, naprapaths, chiropractors and orthopedic doctors.

– Maria Strömme, Professor of Nanotechnology, Uppsala Universitet
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