Mårten Prosell, VD Doloradix AB
Elite athletes’ experiences of musculoskeletal pain management using neuroanatomical dry needling: A qualitative study in Swedish track and field
Fig. 1. Narrative summary of eight elite athletes’ descriptions of the relationships between pain, physical capacity, performance stress and healthcare seeking behaviours. The theme ‘Other MSKP treatments’ includes experiences from other needling interventions.

Results: The athletes approached clinical MSKP treatment from a performance-orientated perspective. They explained that they inevitably suffered MSKP episodes due to the intense physical demands of their sport. The use of naDN was considered an integral part of their sports practice and the study clinic’s services were readily utilised when MSKP caused minor reductions in physical capacity. The athletes appreciated an unambiguous anatomical diagnosis, preferably supported by imaging scans, as this increased their confidence in clinical services. They valued the naDN treatment as it was perceived to provide fast-acting analgesia that enabled rapid return-to-play. These factors combined to reduce performance-related stress.

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