Mårten Prosell

CEO, founder, principal owner

Mårten has during 20 years of systematic and structured clinical work developed a very robust and clinically refined treatment system. He has at the same time, with a starting point from clinical reality and results, worked his way down to a molecular level in his pursuit of logical and fysiological explainations of cronical pain.

Hans Johansson

Chairman of the board

M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering KTH, Sweden 1979. Hans has extensive experience from global business development and product development in the Life science supply industry and the Diagnostic industry. 
Hans has had  operational roles ,including CEO roles, at Pharmaica Biotechnology AB, Personal Chemistry AB, Pyrosequencing AB, Sidce AB, Phadia AB and ThermoFisher AB. Hans has been actively engaged in both Swedish as well as international fundraising at several instances as CEO and at BoD level raising in total well over 1 Bn SEK in private as well as publically listed companies. 
Hans previous BoD level engagements include Affibody AB, IscoNova AB (workinggroup
engagement), UIC AB and AroCell AB (chairman).
Currently active in the BoD of Immunovia AB, QLinea AB, SweLife, DoloRadix AB
and Myrtila AB.

Sara Prosell Gustafson

Board member

Sara Prosell Gustafson has 20 years of experience from product development in the medtech and life sciences industry, where she has held senior positions in software and quality engineering. Education: M.Sc. Engineering Physics, Uppsala University, Sweden
University Diploma in nutrition and physiology, Uppsala University, Sweden
Current assignment: Senior software engineer, software architect, at Q-línea AB

Erik Hermelin

Board member

Erik Hermelin is a doctor with a medical degree from the Karolinska Institute. As a former elite track and field athlete, Erik has not only experienced the potential but also greatly benefitted personally from the unique clinical management provided by the Doloradix clinic. Erik holds a genuine desire to understand the fundamental mechanisms involved in health and performance optimization. By combining the medical knowledge and perspective from his education at KI with those gained through his own research and experience, Erik looks forward to furthering the development of tomorrow’s pain treatment here at the Doloradix clinic.

Christian Hermelin

Board member

Christian Hermelin has bachelor degree in BA and is the former CEO of Fabege, a company included on Stockholm’s Stock Exchange A-List. During Christian’s position as CEO (2007-2019), Fabege belonged to an exclusive group of companies that managed to double their share price tenfold in just 10 years. Today, Christian works and invests in businesses with promising potential for value growth and opportunity to create a better quality of life for many.

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