About us

DoloRadix AB is a pain management company with a clinical focus, with the desire and curiosity to cure pain for patients all over the world.

Our misson is to radically change the daily management of musculoskeletal pain across all patient groups.

We engage with leading universities to develop new clinical concepts, including diagnostic tools and tools for decision support and treatments, that will profoundly change the recovery rate for patients with musculoskeletal pain, including a remarkable shortening of the treatment time, increase the quality of life for the individual patient, and lower the health care costs related to pain disorders. 

Doloradix AB was established 2016 with the purpose to fully leverage the 20 years of experience from Mårten Prosell and his clinical work through Progress Ortopedisk Medicin AB. Doloradix AB will continue to explore and develop the unique documented clinical findings through development programs to allow for expanded access to its already successful methodologies, for the benefit of patients all around the world.

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