I, the undersigned, has known Mårten Prosell since 2002 when working in adjacent premises in Uppsala.
We have since then had an excellent professional cooperation as he has always been willing to go the extra mile to continously seek the knowledge in order to further develop and improve his diagnostic abilities.
This approach has proven to be extreamly fruitful, he has developed unusual diagnostic skills based on hard work involving a vast amount of patients.
His skillful clinical work has been noted both nationally and internationally involving patients of all kinds, e.g. elite athletes of national teams.
We have had a vast number of patiens in common, among which his diagnoses, sometimes very uncommon, on evaluation by e.g. MR have proven to be ”spot on”.
He has also taken part in radiology clinical rounds and he has thereby developed good knowledge of different radiological methods and their interpretations, something not common among collegues in his profession.
His clinical and diagnostic skills are unususal as bedside diagnostics is less valued in times of increasing technological development.
Furthermore, his diagnostic skills constitute good ground for excellent treatment results above all for different musculoskeletal problems includeing sport medicine.
Mårten Prosell has spent two decades developing an entirely unique method for diagnosing and treating pain that leads to dysfunctionality among both athletes and non-athletes.
I have never encountered anyone – professionally or privately – who even comes close to being able to locate and treat pain as precisely and effectively as Mårten.
In fact, I am convinced that his unique understanding of the incredibly complex interactions that generate pain in the human body and thereby prevent the mobility needed both for athletic and everyday purposes by far exceeds that of the scientific research community.
Mårten has made unique and important observations during his near 20-year work with thousands of patients. His treatment method has been refined to such a level of precision that in a single month, he is able to treat and completely eliminate the type of pain-related problems that remain unresolved despite countless visits to physiotherapists, naprapaths, chiropractors and orthopedic doctors.
Mårten’s treatments are very demanding for the patient, and require a high level of motivation. The repair and regeneration process, which begins immediately after treatment, is fascinating and incredibly difficult to describe to anyone who hasn’t experienced it.
I hope and predict that Mårten’s understanding of pain and its treatment methods will be made available to other practitioners as well, as it would have an enormous impact on future clinical treatment methods.
I have never experienced anything similar in my 30+ year career.