Investing with the patient in focus!

Doloradix AB was established 2016 with the purpose to fully leverage the 20 years of experience from Mårten Prosell and his clinical work through Progress Ortopedisk Medicin AB. Doloradix AB will continue to explore and develop the unique documented clinical findings through development programs to allow for expanded access to its already successful methodologies, for the benefit of patients all around the world.

Doloradix AB is investing into new tools and methods to make diagnosis and treatment in pain management easier and more successful for physiotherapists and medical doctors.

Our vision is to deliver a leading platform for clinical pain management which will drastically alter the clinical routines and improve treatment outcomes in pain management.

We know it can be done and are determined to make it happen!


We have been recognized twice for our ambitions by receiving research grants from the Swedish government through Vinnova, dedicated to research on a diagnostic tool for localization of peripheral pain sources not identifiable with other techniques. The most recent from SweLife and Medtech4Health, for a project in cooperation with Uppsala University and Karolinska Institutet.


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Mikrosensor för lokalisering av smärtkällor


Our current research areas are:

  • Diagnostic instrument design for developing tools for localization of local sources of pain
  • Proteomic based molecular pathology studies to verify the disease status and eventually quantify/follow the treatment effect by observing specific biomarkers
  • Clinical outcomes research to quantify the impact of our methodology on patients, on recovery time as well as on the health economy

Our R&D program encompasses collaborations with leading scientists at Uppsala University, Karolinska Institutet and Linköping University. DoloRadix AB, thereby, combines its deep clinical knowhow with expertise in fields such as nanophysics, material sciences, neurophysiology, mass spectromoty, proteomics and medical informatics.